I am Jordan Passmore and I am an electronic musician first and foremost with a strong passion for art, electronic repair, video production and graphic design. I will be updating this blog with photos and video I have taken of gear from my own collection.
Hey there Are you selling the Emu Emax or did you just purchase it on EBay? I faintly remember lusting after one of these things in the 80 (or early 90s). The price you mention is a steal if this is one of Emu's later boxes. They always made what I thought were the best samplers for the time. Emu definitely had their shit together when it came to pure sampling. Anyway, if your selling somebody is getting a hell of a deal; if you're buying, congratulations. Dave

I bought it on eBay for that much (a random buy-it-now).  I agree that E-mu could really do no wrong up until Creative bought them; and even then, I am using some newer E-mu monitors that are actually pretty damn good.  The Emax is perhaps my third favorite piece, behind the SP-12 Turbo and my very favorite, the Emulator III.